Inspire the Langsuan Charismatic

Sindhorn Village

Sindhorn Village is materialized from Siam Sindhorn Co., Ltd.'s ambition to develop a mixed-use real-estate development project on the expansive 42-rai land on Langsuan Road with a determination to bring its prospective residents a sustainable and superlative living standard.

Apart from the comfort brought about by the lusciously and beautifully curated landscape and living spaces, one of the most important aspects of comfort is time. Life at Sindhorn Village grants the residents the gift of time, with less commuting hassles thanks to the project's ideal location. Despite sitting at the heart of Bangkok, the project is nested in a wonderful, serene urban neighbourhood equipped with all the facilities that fulfill the diverse lifestyles of its residents. The three hotels inside Sindhorn Village range from 'Sindhorn Kempinski Hotel Bangkok,' the luxury wellness hotel that offers state-of-art staying experiences with comprehensive health programs designed to encompass every aspect of well-being from Physical, Mental to Emotional, 'Kimpton Maa-Lai Bangkok Hotel,' the integration of fashion, music, art and food to culture into its own uniquely colorful spirit to 'Sindhorn Midtown Hotel Bangkok, Vignette Collection' where one-of-a-kind experiences of traveling and resting meet local charms and identity. Last but not least is 'Velaa Langsuan,' the community mall that brings together restaurants of various nationalities and creates a space for families and friends to meet and hang out, with a large supermarket to offer the best possible convenience to the residents' everyday life.


Living in the park

The expansive park that occupies over half of the land where Sindhorn Village is located is materialized from the 'Living in the Park' concept, originated from a belief that nature is a source of happiness, comfort and relaxation, all the important elements that contribute to a better living standard. The intention is to create a park that exists as an integral part of the living environment, serving not just a beautiful surrounding but a space that can accommodate a wide variety of activities that encompass every demand and lifestyle.

The location of Sindhorn Village is surrounded by a cluster of massive green spaces, particularly Lumpini Park and landscapes of the neighboring buildings and properties. The context of these luscious urban green spaces is incorporated into the project where a vast number of large trees such as the rain trees and flame trees whose ages range from tens to a hundred years old are growing. Preserving these long-standing greeneries is the first priority of the project's landscape architectural design. Methods were devised, including the temporary removal of some of the trees to be nurtured before they were brought back to the site and replanted. The buildings' orientation is also designed to make way for the evergreens. These processes have resulted in a successful preservation of over 300 large trees, which are able to continue to live in their original surroundings, consequently turning the project into a gallery of trees and plants where all residents and visitors relish in the beautiful and relaxing urban forest that is now a part of their living space.


Thoughtful Living

Every aspect of all the living spaces of Sindhorn Village are realized to deliver a true convenience and comfort for every dweller, from layout planning, or the management of functional spaces to interior decoration, including the engineering and system works behind the gorgeous architectural structures. Everything is the result of thoughtful and meticulous thought processes and collaborations between incredible teams of professionals and experts.

The design of each of the five condominium projects is based on a different concept, story and character. What the five buildings have in common, however, is the comfort of a home that provides dwellers the best possible level of physical and mental well-being. Such a quality is made evident through the sufficiently lit underground parking area of all the buildings, which offers a relatively wider parking space with more room for one to open their car door and conveniently organize or take out their belongings, or how elevators are provided to be proportionate to the number of residents, keeping users from having to wait too long for an elevator. The corridors leading to the living units in each project are more than two-meters wide while the floor plan prevents the rooms from directly facing each other to provide the highest level of privacy possible. All the corners in the living units of all the projects inside Sindhorn Village are designed to fully embrace the lovely and soothing greenery of the project's gardens and Lumpini Park. Complementing the view is a roomy and spacious living unit, made possible from the wide column span and the minimum 3-meter floor height, which fully opens the living space to the outside view without any obstruction. The design's careful consideration of wind direction and sun path results in the room having a thermally comfortable temperature and suitable humidity level. The materials for the interior are meticulously chosen, from the Triple-layered IGU glass, which helps control the interior temperature, preventing too much heat and outside noises, as well as lessening energy usage, to high-quality, European-standard equipment and fittings that are not only aesthetically superior but perfectly durable and functional.


Integrated Lifestyle

Being able to live in a neighbourhood with effortless access to a wide range of services and activities for diverse lifestyles can mean being given the gift of time, one of the greatest treasures of a person's life. Within the expanse of its state-of-art property and facilities, Sindhorn Village offers its residents not just plain, simple, but high-quality time.

In addition to the massive garden and five condominium buildings, Sindhorn Village is home to three hotels and one community mall. Materialized from a different concept, style and character, each of these establishments offers services that integrate diverse lifestyles to high-quality living. Everything can be easily accessed at all times, from upscale restaurants and bars operated by luxury hotel brands, to shops and supermarkets located within a walking distance, ideally accommodating daily activities of the residents, passerby, and people in the neighbourhood. Start off a morning with a nice breakfast and coffee in a calming and unhurried vibe. Pick a lunch from an incredible array of restaurants with great dishes and drinks of various cuisines and styles. Relish a dinner with friends and family under an impressive dining experience before enjoying the colors and spirit of Bangkok at night

To help the residents achieve the right balance in life, Sindhorn Village offers spaces and activities that will help one maintain a healthy lifestyle and self-care, from a daily walk in the garden to different types of exercises that best matches their interests. Each activity comes with training guidance or specially-designed courses provided and developed by experts. Also offered are comprehensive wellness services operated by a globally renowned brand with integrated practice that combines modern wellness technologies such as hydrotherapy to bring back the balance to one's body and mind without the help of drugs or chemicals. The spa courses are specifically curated for clients' different preferences and demands. These lifestyle-driven services ensure every resident that every moment at Sindhorn Village will be truly meaningful and fulfilling to their physical well-being and state of mind.